Comic 43 - Getting right down to the important questions

25th Jun 2017, 7:14 AM in Xkolp, Sentience Counsellor
Getting right down to the important questions
Xkolp removes the helmet. A woman's face appears. The ooze creature crawls into the spaceship wreckage.
Ahaspar: So... I guess my premiums just went up, huh?
Xkolp: Eeyup!
Ahaspar: Ah well. It's not like I was insured anyway. Where am I?
Xkolp: On Ortentrum IV. Can you walk?
Creature: Hi!
Ahaspar stands upright. I'm fine. So tell me... why are you naked?

The Creature starts gasping for breath.
Xkolp: It's the Ortentrum ooze. It gets everywhere. Besides, I'm the only human here.
Ahaspar: Hey...
Creature: Gasp! Gasp! Gasp!

Xkolp: C'mon, let's scram.
Ahaspar: Is your pet OK?

Xkolp runs out carrying the creature in his arms.
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 25th Jun 2017, 7:14 AM edit delete
I think my 20-year-old self did pretty good on the basic art for Panel 3. The color added this year does help bring it out.

I've been trying to add one update a day across all of my currently active comics (updating all of them daily would kill me). Tomorrow's daily update will be on AbĂși's Travels.
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