Comic 41 - An annoying 'pioooo' is distracting from the conversation

1st Apr 2017, 2:43 PM in Xkolp, Sentience Counsellor
An annoying 'pioooo' is distracting from the conversation
The creature continues to raise objections.
Creature: That may be true, but I don't have lungs! What if my gills don't work?
Xkolp: You know what your problem is?
SFX: Pioooo!
Xkolp: You see problems everywhere!
Xkolp: Consider all the entertainment that's available above ground! Plus the women are better looking than in the swamp.
Caption: ...he added, sagely.

Xkolp: Say, new lifeform...
Creature: Yes?

Xkolp: Can you please stop going "PIOOOOOO"?
Creature: I'm not!
Xkolp: Then what is?

A giant rocket ship comes falling out of the sky.
Xkolp: Holy ooze!
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 30th Mar 2017, 8:19 PM edit delete
This is not a prank!

Today, April 1st, I have comics updating on six different ComicFury sites. Some of these are archival works that are in reruns or are being republished after falling off the web. Others have new or at least revised pages. They differ widely in tone and subject matter.

In addition to the comic you're reading, the following comics are updating today:

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan resumes remastered reruns after almost two years. The storyline Feral starts today with revised pages.

Spun Off has its first new update in almost a year. Alternating between character-driven storytelling and goblin dick jokes, it, er, picks up after a section of character-driven storytelling.

Abúi's Travels updates with the first page since December. There's more coming as our heroine is about to leave the planet Tyrion for her home…

Chronicles of the Witch Queen has been updating daily since early March, and updates today with the 32nd page of the storyline "Alcydia", written by Geir Strøm and drawn by Daniel Østvold.

White House in Orbit has been updating daily since February 16, and updates today with the 8th page of the storyline "Der Fliegende Engel", written by Geir Strøm.

And with this one, I prove that none of my comics are ever truly over...
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