Comic 33 - Astralities Page 1

3rd Jul 2012, 4:28 AM in Astralities
Astralities Page 1
Seeking to expand his collection of astralities, Xkolp has landed on the planet Tapwan, where his attention was caught by a ravishing and mythologically correct young beauty. Enthralled, he begins to interrogate the girl in an unsubtle way. Fortunately, the woodnymphs of Tapwan care not a whit about subtlety.
Are you really a woodnymph?
You bet! Do you always wear those ridiculous skirts?
Hungry! Arf! Arf!
Can you prove it?
Yep! Watch!
I can turn into a tree! Proof enough?
Can you play the baglama in 11/13th time?
Xskolp is mixing up his mythologies. Only the Pantheist Goblins of Kiek remember how this terran instrument is played. Just so you know.
I only play the hyperbombarde and the screech bag, but I play'em very well!
Dig this, y'all!
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