Comic 28 - Esklop and the buggerized hyphens

28th Jun 2012, 4:10 AM in From the Lives of X!Gloop
Esklop and the buggerized hyphens
A story about Esklop, Asveros and the metagiraffe.
Hey Esklop! Have you arre-sted anyone yet?
I shall have to arrest you, girlie. You just buggerized your hyphenation.
Aw, that's me-an!
Now you're doing it again! It would seem like the blessings of civilization are wasted on you!
Ah, there you are!
She buggerized her hyphenation! Twice!
Shout it from the rooftops, will ya?
Again? That girl is not getting her after-dinner Alka-Seltzer tonight!
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