Comic 57 - Real time? Comic time? Who knows anymore

27th Jan 2021, 8:00 AM in Xkolp, Sentience Counsellor
Real time? Comic time? Who knows anymore
Panel 1.
Close-up of Groth the Alternately Ancient and Very Young, sitting in his chair.
Groth: I shall finally age normally and then die for good. As will Dwarps, Davina and all the others locked into an endless merry-go-round of death and rebirth with X!Gloop and his pals.

Panel 2.
Close-up of Shalmaneser or How the Poky Puppy Found Its Bed, looking away.
Shalmaneser: Oh.

Panel 3.
Shalmaneser thinks out loud.
Shalmaneser: You know, that doesn't look like a great goal to me. I guess it's different if you've been around for so long.

Panel 4.
Xkolp's spaceship is landing in a cloud of noise and with a massive roar, which is punctuated by a high-pitched "Weeeeeoooooweeeeeooooo".
SFX: Weeeeoooooweeeeooooo!
Caption: Meanwhile, accompanied by incessant synthesizer and theremin playing on deck*, the ship that once belonged to drago 'dustbin' Inkewic roars backward into the athmosphere of crowded concrete…
Footnote: Space travel is really amazingly dull, so most space travelers end up pursuing new hobbies, the more difficult the better, at which they often develop considerable skill. During this trip, Xkolp, who started out being tone and rhythm deaf, has taken his keyboard skills to advanced level and has also developed a deep understanding of the sonic properties of the synths that Drago Inkewic taught himself to build on his previous journeys.
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ReinderDijkhuis 27th Jan 2021, 8:00 AM edit delete
This page was done partly in Clip Studio Pro after reading some enthusiastic comments about it from other artists. Eh, it's not a bad program but I don't enjoy working in it. Back to Sketchbook for the next page, whenever that appears.
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