X!Gloop Daily Drawing Month #23: Ahasper Descending and John Longcoat, Original version
by ReinderDijkhuis
Ahasper stepping down a movable stairwell outside her spaceship, followed by the green ooze creature in a floating fishbowl

Ahaspar from The Lives of X!gloop as she descends the ramp of her spaceship (it's hers! She stole it fair and square!) on the planet formerly known as Deserted Muck but now known as Crowded Concrete. She is followed by the nameless ooze creature in an airborne fishbowl.
This incarnation of Ahasveros or Why Man Has Two Eyes has spent several weeks in close quarter with a guy who is always naked, traveling to a planet where the human inhabitants are also always naked. However, she's not quite comfortable with being fully nude in front of strangers, so she wears a little shawl/skirt.
Because work has interrupted the daily drawings and I'm losing my enthusiasm for them, I'm going to change tack a little bit from doing daily prompts to daily character art for the other characters of The Lives of X!Gloop, so I can prepare for the next few pages.

John Longcoat, original incarnation, but reimagined as an invertebrate

Reimagined version of John Longcoat, the third character involved in X!Gloop's thousand lives in The Lives of X!Gloop. He appeared on the very first page as a one-off joke: out of X!Gloop and John Longcoat, the bug-eyed alien was the one with the boring, literalist name, and he didn't even have a long coat! But he's back today, reincarnated as the ooze creature that can fix spaceships.

I never explained how it came to be that John Longcoat, and Ahasveros or Why Man Has Two Eyes, reincarnate along with X!Gloop. The reason is very simple: I haven't got a clue and I hope to find out one day.

Looking at those 30-year-old drawings of John, his original design seems a bit unimaginative and not well-thought-out. It would be consistent with his later appearances if he was some sort of invertebrate, so here's an attempt that is… still not that well-thought-out. I didn't do a great job on the tentacles (technically squid arms, but 'tentacles' is what people call those in everyday conversation). But I like the idea that his (top) arms end in little bendy fingers that can elongate and contract as needed.
Oh, and he gets a coat, or at least a cloak in this version.
Interrupting the festivities
by ReinderDijkhuis
Work has been kicking my ass for about a week and will keep kicking my ass for another one. This means I haven't been able to do any more drawings, let alone work on actual pages as I had originally planned. I will resume drawing as soon as possible, and while I won't make a 30 challenge drawings, there will be at least a few more.

But hey, a streak of 15 days still isn't bad. I think doing these challenges helps my creativity and imagination and allows me to experiment more, and on days when I've had time, it's been a lot easier to complete the day's challenge than it would have been a year ago.
X!Gloop Month Daily Drawing 15: Ten Years Younger
by ReinderDijkhuis
X!Gloop and Ahasveros Or Why Man Has Two Eyes, running through a corridor at age 11 or thereabouts
Prompt #15: "What they'd look like if they were ten years younger". I don't know how old exactly X!Gloop is. Given that he's lived a thousand lives and we're not seeing those lives unfold in any kind of logical order, the question doesn't even make sense really. But in 1989 and throughout the early 1990s, I must have imagined him as a youngish man, perhaps 20 to 24 years old.
In fact, the lives don't follow any conventional chronological order. In one of his earlier lives, estimated to have been between #250 and #275 according to the Groth the Alternately Old And Young's Center of X!Gloop Research, X!Gloop, or Cachulip, as that incarnation was known, and his counterpart Achaz, were children living among the last surviving humans, hundreds of thousands of years in the future. Humanity was reduced to little more than a collection of specimens in the captivity of an alien species that worked hard to bring near-extinct sentient species back from the brink, through instant cloning, DNA synthesis and other means. Cachulip and Achaz were a little harder to contain than the adults in the collection, who were more complacent and content with their lot.
(Based on a story started around 1992, of which several pages were drawn and inked, and a total of 9 pages were scripted).
X!Gloop Daily Drawing Month 14: In His Pajamas
by ReinderDijkhuis
A bottomless X!Gloop shining a flashlight over the muddy landscape of Ortentrum IV
Prompt #14 was "In their pajamas". In his 421st life, the life in which the new (post-2015) story Xkolp, Sentience counsellor takes place, X!Gloop lived alone in a hot, muddy world where clothing only got in his way. However, on chilly nights, he'd put on a T-shirt as sleepwear. This is him checking things out after being startled by a noise from outside.
X!Gloop Daily Drawing Month 13: In A Halloween Costume
by ReinderDijkhuis

Prompt #13 was "In A Halloween Costume" and because we don't really do Halloween in the Netherlands, I thought I'd have a bit of fun with it.
You'll be surprised to hear that in X!Gloop's culture, this is not considered drag. Cultures change, and in the far-flung future in which X!Gloop lived out his 328th life, Halloween as a celebration of spookiness derived from the traditional feast of All Hallow's Eve was long forgotten. The day lived on, but it had become all about the sexy costumes, for men, women and others alike. Esokolupa, as this reincarnation was called, was pretty into the holiday and his Sexy Devil was particularly successful that one year.