X!Gloop Month Daily Drawing 12: When He's Upset
by ReinderDijkhuis
X!Gloop in birds-eye view looking upset at the sky
Prompt #12: When They're Upset. X!Gloop is usually stoic. But on the second page of his first adventure, when his friend John Longcoat gets taken hostage by a Grismoon rider, he did lose it for a moment.
In the comic, he gets angry and sweary. I was very proud of the way I did the foreshortening at the time, but it doesn't look at all good to me now. This more polished reinterpretation of the scene is marginally better where the birds-eye perspective is concerned. But only marginally. I'll have to work on this a lot.
X!Gloop Month Daily Drawing 11: In His Undies
by ReinderDijkhuis
X!Gloop leaning against a wall in his underpants

Prompt #11: In his undies.
In 2004, Xavier Esculapius went to New York with barely any idea of what he was doing or why he was there. He got a job from Hasvar Andetoyen of Andetoyen Industries, which took him to the jungles of Southern Siberia. In exactly none of the surviving visual sources documenting this particular life of X!Gloop is he shown in his underwear, but if he had been, this is what it would have looked like.
Boxer briefs by Dwarps Industries, USD 10.
X!Gloop Month Daily Drawing 10: As A Magical Girl
by ReinderDijkhuis
X!Gloop as a magical girl, but mostly nude

Prompt #10 was "As a Magical Girl or Boy". X!Gloop has had many lives, only a few of which have been documented. In at least one of these lives, he was magical.

(I had no idea what I was doing with this, and then I ran out of time. But it got done.)
X!Gloop Month Daily Drawing 9: Dancing
by ReinderDijkhuis
Skolp and Ahasper dancing on the spaceship bridge

For Prompt #9, Dancing, here's Skolp and Ahasper dancing on the bridge of Ahasper's space vessel. Ahasper's from a clothes-wearing culture and is uncomfortable being fully nude in the presence of someone she's not intimate with, so she gets a little skirt/shawl to wear even after several weeks at close quarters with a guy who is always nude.

The spaceship bridge is based on Tonto, the famous giant synthesizer. If I had a whole day, I'd make it a lot more detailed.
X!Gloop Month Daily Drawing 8: Sleepy
by ReinderDijkhuis
X!Gloop, a blonde white man of muscular build, sitting up in a bed in a small living room with a concave ceiling, yawning

This was actually Prompt #6 in the drawing challenge, but I misread because I've been very sleep-deprived. That still hasn't improved despite me sleeping in tonight, and in all honesty, this one is here just to tick the box and say I haven't missed a day. That sometimes happens.

That being said, I realized that I haven't really done a lot of work on Skolp's house on the mud planet Ortentrum IV. One moment he's outside dragging the ooze creature to safety, the next he's in his living room with Ahaspar sitting on the couch. I think perhaps his house should have been a barrel-shaped tiny house like in a video my wife showed me the other day featuring a guy in Australia who builds them like that.