Comic 54 - About to land and reading up

6th Jun 2019, 10:00 AM in Xkolp, Sentience Counsellor
About to land and reading up
Panel 1:
Xkolp is sitting on a stool in front of a desk full of complicated looking controls. Ahaspar is approaching him wearing a blue, patterned dress. In the background, the tentacled ooze creature is swimming in a glass case full of ooze.
Xkolp: I just can't with these controls! They drive me NUTS!

Panel 2:
Ahaspar: Why don't you leave that synthesizer alone for a moment? We're about to land on Crowded Concrete.
Xkolp: I'm very curios: I've been reading about the Grismoon riding tribe…

Panel 3:
Xkolp has opened a book.
Xkolp: It says here that the riders can spend days mounted on their Grismoons, that they don't wear clothes but cover themselves in their long hair… and that they build their houses in a separate dimension to save space.
Ahaspar: Show me that?

Panel 4:
Ahaspar looks in the book.
Ahaspar: This book was written by Arrheua Flebelebe! It's at least three hundred years old!

Panel 5:
The conversation is interrupted by a voice from a speaker.
Computer: Attention please! This is your onboard computer! Bet ya a double whiskey that I can land smoothly in their space port!

Panel 6:
Xkolp addresses the tentacle creature from the ooze in his glass container of ooze.
Xkolp: Did you ahve to make the computer intelligent and CHEERFUL, creature?
Creature: Sorry… I just couldn't help myself.
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 6th Jun 2019, 10:00 AM edit delete
This is the last page in this storyline that was based on a page originally done in the 1990s! From now on, present, middle-aged me is on his own. It was fun to collaborate with the younger me and maybe sometime we'll do this again. There is another storyline.

While preparing for this version, I looked at synthesizers a lot, especially TONTO, the giant modular synthesizer used on several Stevie Wonder albums from the 1960s and 1970s. I adapted parts of photos fro Tonto into the bridge of the ship that Ahaspar was using and observed that spaceship bridges from TV shows of the time period had a strong synthesizer esthetic. I thought there was a gag in there. Once I started work on this redrawn page, I realized that I'd already done that exact gag, except originally the synthesizer was a coffee machine!

It is a bit weird that Xkolp comments on the Grismoon riders not wearing clothes when he's been naked throughout this storyline himself. But he's pressing home a point he made to Ahaspar several pages ago.

'Arrheua Flebelebe' is a reference to an old headline in an issue of the fanzine Zozolala where the editors had forgotten to remove their placeholder for the headline. It read "Aargh, flebbelebbe ende Arrheu!"
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