Comic 53 - Groth me ole mucker

4th Jun 2019, 10:00 AM in Xkolp, Sentience Counsellor
Groth me ole mucker
Panel 1:
In a different, forested world, the Grismoon Rider Nimrod or Who The Man in the Mask Really Was is talking to Groth the Ancient One But Then He Was Rejuvenated But Then He Grew Old Again The Normal Way But Now He's Young Again through a headset similar to the one Groth wears. Like all the other characters from Crowded Concrete, she is otherwise nude.
Nimrod: I've got a doozy for ya, Groth me ole mucker! Thousands of years down the timeline and in a hidden dimension. I've found X!Gloop and Ahasveros or why Man Has Two Eyes and they're even a completely different species this-

Panel 2:
In his CEO suite with a magnificent Balearic vista, Groth interrupts Nimrod through his headset.
Groth: That's great, Nimrod or Who The Man In The Mask Really Was! But I'm getting briefed on a trio sighting right now. I'll transfer you to Esther But It Doesn't Work Like That, and he can take your report.

Panel 3:
Nimrod: … Oh.

Panel 4:
Groth: OK, back to you!

Panel 5:
Shalmaneser Or How The Pokey Puppy Found His Bed is bouncing on her stool.
Shalmaneser: The John Longcoat was already with him! He'd crawled out of the swamp, just like that!

Panel 6:
In space, the restored spaceship is on its way to its destination.
Shalmaneser (as voice-over): …and they're headed towards crowded concrete!
SFX from inside the spaceship: Oooooo-weeee-- thrum thrum thrum thrumm…
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 4th Jun 2019, 10:00 AM edit delete
So here we are: the secretary's name is Esther But It Doesn't Work Like That.
Male Grismoon riders' names consist of the name of a woman from the Old Testament plus a negative assertion, whereas of course the names of female riders consist of the name of a Babylonian or Assyrian king or sage plus a question of philosophical importance.
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