Comic 51 - Having a normal one, making introductions

1st Jun 2019, 9:00 AM in Xkolp, Sentience Counsellor
Having a normal one, making introductions
Panel 1:
The Grismoon has landed and its two riders dismount. Only their legs are visible in panel. One is light-skinned and has thick calves. The second person is smaller and skinnier and has dark skin. She wears a number of brightly colored anklets. Otherwise the two pairs of legs and feet are unclothed.

Panel 2:
The two riders on their feet, seen from the chest up. The light-skinned rider is a chubby woman in her forties with short hair and cat eye glasses, otherwise nude. She smiles enigmatically. The smaller, dark-skinned rider is younger and has neck and ear jewelry matching her anklets and is also nude apart from that jewelry.

Panel 3:
Groth the Ancient One But Then He Was Rejuvenated But Then He Grew Old Again And Now He's Rejuvenated Once More shakes the hand of the light-skinned, older rider. Groth looks like a boy of about twelve years old with brown skin, a green badge on his forehead and a green headset microphone attached to his head. His hair is black. He is nude as well. Behind him stands a tall, beefy nude man whose hair and beard reach down to his thighs. He is carrying a clipboard.
Groth: Welcome, Gilgamesh or How The Leopard Got His Spots… and…

Panel 4:
The younger rider speaks up to introduce herself.
Shalmanezer: Shalmanezer or How the Pokey Puppy Found Its Bed.
Groth: Pleased to meet you. I am Groth the Ancient One But Then He Was Rejuvenated But Then He Grew Old Again And Now He's Rejuvenated Once More.

Panel 5:
Gilgamesh, Shalmanezer, Groth and the bearded man walk down a street filled with office buildings. It looks rather nicer than the outskirts of town where the Grismoon had previously landed. The street has sidewalks but no vehicles. While Groth and company use the street itself, other characters can be seen on the sidewalks, through windows and in an open café on the second floor of one of the buildings. All are nude, a variety of skin tones, and covered in extremely long hair.
Shalmanezer: Have you considered going by the name 'Groth the Alternately Old and Young'?
Groth: It… lacks gravitas. Let's go to my office and discuss the sightings.
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 1st Jun 2019, 9:00 AM edit delete
Remember 'Ahasveros or Why Man Has Two Eyes'? They all have names like that. At least the women do.
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