Comic 49 - Humongousfungusamongus

13th Aug 2018, 10:00 AM in Xkolp, Sentience Counsellor
Panel 1:
Xkolp talking to Ahaspar, who looks dubious.
Xkolp: I kind of want to leave this planet.
Ahaspar: Really? I thought you liked it here. With the job and all.

Panel 2:
Xkolp: There's a place I want to go. It used to be known as "Deserted Muck".
Ahaspar: That dump? Why?

Panel 3:
Xkolp: All my life, it's culture and wildlife have fascinated me. Especially the grismoons.

Panel 4:
Ahaspar is dismissive.
Ahaspar: It's not the worst reason I've ever heard, but I have no business on Deserted Muck, or Crowded Concrete, to use its modern name.

Panel 5:
Xkolp: True, but you could drop us off and travel on.
Ahaspar: Hmmm.

Panel 6:
Ahaspar mulls it over.
Ahaspar: On the punishment planet, I heard that Groth the Very Young was building a state-of-the-art space fleet on Crowded Concrete.

Panel 7:
Ahaspar shakes Xkolp's hand.
Ahaspar: He'll pay well for a ship like this. Okay, I'm in.

Panel 8:
The rocket leaves the planet Ortentrum IV, trailing a cloud of smoke.
Caption: And so, the next day, a spaceship containing two people and a slime creature leaves Ortentrum IV…

Panel 9:
The swamp and its vegetation are covered in fungus, which is spreading spores. All the vegetation is dying.
Caption: Ten minutes later, a fungus evolves on Ortentrum IV that overwhelms the planet, poisons the ooze and destroys all life on the world…
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 13th Aug 2018, 10:00 AM edit delete
Back for two new episodes. This one was the first one I drew in Sketchbook on a new iPad Pro, using a page from 1993/4 as a base. The next one will be entirely new.

I almost didn't draw this page as there isn't a lot going on, but the story did need a bridge between segments, so in the end it stayed, with minor changes to how the characters are posed.
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