Comic 46 - A dollop of flollop

9th Jul 2017, 10:04 AM in Xkolp, Sentience Counsellor
A dollop of flollop
Caption: The ooze of Ortentrum IV is one of the most useful substances found in nature. It can be processed in thousands of different ways. You can sift out the moisture and ferment it to make a fruity and rathertreacherous ale. You can refine it and get high as a kite smoking the resulting paste. You can flatten and dry it to make a fiber used on the planet Offla in the Albedaran system to make towels and cowboy hats. And, you can use a dollop of oil in a lightweight skillet to make pancakes out of it.

Ahaspar, still in her underpants, sits on the couch eating a pancake, while Xkolp, wearing only an apron, makes another one.
Ahaspar: These are not bad at all!

Xkolp, nude again, sits on the couch with Ahaspar.
Ahaspar: Tomorrow, I want to go back to the wreck of the 'Cathedral'.
Xkolp: Why?
Ahaspar: I was wrong about the shape the 'Cathedral' was in. The ship is way ahead of its time. And somewhere in a safe in the hold, there were schematics that are worth enough to buy a new spaceship with...

Xkolp and Ahaspar are back outside, in the ooze. Xkolp is nude, Ahaspar is wearing a long, striped T-shirt that belongs to Xkolp.
Caption: The next day...
Ahaspar: It should be somewhere around here.

Both look up at something in front of them.
Both: !!
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 9th Jul 2017, 10:04 AM edit delete
The X!Gloop updates are following one another more quickly now. The reason is that I'm doing a challenge to myself to have an update up every day for a month, across the many different comics that I do on ComicFury. Since my 20-year-old self did a lot of the heavy lifting, adding X!Gloop into the mix normally helps make this challenge easier.
Here's how the update challenge works:

Every Tuesday and Saturday, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan updates according to a fixed schedule, being in reruns/remasters. I have just completed a series of pages with extensive rework; from here on until September, very little extra work will be needed to keep up with this schedule (but I must plan ahead for September).

Nothing else will be on a fixed schedule. I have nine episodes of AbĂși's Travels ready to go and plan to run those on Mondays and Fridays, but if gaps in the schedule form in any given week, I may schedule more of these comics that week and run out of ready-to-go episodes faster.
The Lives of X!Gloop and Spun Off (warning: sexually explicit content including Goblin phallus) will fill most of the rest of the week, but there may be the occasional one-pager for White House in Orbit popping up.

And I may add trial pages for new comics into the update mix! However, that will be a last resort as the aim of the exercise is to clear out half-finished work that is still on my desk and wrap up existing projects to make room to focus fully on those new ones.

Tomorrow's update will be on AbĂși's Travels as per its temporary schedule for this month.
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